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Lusophone Internet Governance Forum

On the 18th and 19th of September, the 1st Lusophone Internet Governance Forum took place, at the Portuguese Language Museum and at the Headquarters, in São Paulo – Brazil. With the aim of spreading, deepening and qualifying the practice of multisectoralism, we sought to encourage representatives from different sectors and countries to monitor and give their opinions, share particularities and build common understandings, on issues and solutions for the consolidation and expansion of a diverse, universal, innovative Internet, which expresses the principles of freedom, privacy and human rights in Lusophone countries. And, mainly, to work towards the coordination of individual efforts of the political community of each of these countries in their insertion within the scope of the global IGF.

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September 18th

Museum of the Portuguese Language

  • 08h00  Accreditation


  • 09h00  Welcome- Opening table

Renata Mielli ( – Demi Getschko ( – Luisa Lopes (.PT) – Lourino Chemane (INTIC mz) – Leonilde Santos (ARME cv) – André Pedro (Angola)


  • 09h30  Presentation of Lusophone FGI initiative

Heber Maia (Brazil) – Marta Dias (Portugal)


  • 10h00  PANEL 1 – The Portuguese language on the Internet

Gilvan Müller – Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC in the Postgraduate Program in Linguistics

João Laurentino Neves – Executive Director of IILP International Portuguese Language Institute – CPLP

Ismael Gómez – Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture

Lilian Pinho – Head of the Portuguese Language Division at Instituto Guimarães Rosa

Suzete Centeio – Multisectoral Regulatory Agency for the Economy – Cape Verde


  • 12h00  Lunch at the Portuguese Language Museum


  • 13h30  Visit to the temporary and permanent exhibition at the Portuguese Language Museum


  • 15h00  PANEL 2 - Artificial Intelligence: challenges and opportunities for the Portuguese language

Diogo Cortiz (Brazil)

Antônio Branco (Portugal)

Cláudia Freitas (Brazil)

Cláudio Pinhanez (IBM)

Sandra Avila (UNICAMP Brazil)

Marco Neves (NOVA FCSH Portugal)


  • 16h30  Coffee break


  • 17h00  PANEL 3 – Poetry and Literature in Portuguese on the Internet

Raquel Marinho (Portugal)

Lucilio Manjate (Mozambique)

Alice Neto de Sousa (Portugal)

Madu Costa (Brazil)

Anelito de Oliveira (Brazil)

Maria Carolina Machado (Brazil)

Ana Paula Tavares (Angola)


  • 19h00  Closing

September 19th headquarters

  • 09h00  PANEL 4 – Portuguese-language Digital Training and Internet Governance Initiatives

Luiza Mesquita (Brazil)

Hartmut Glaser (EGI – Brazil)

Luisa Lopes (.PT)

Sérgio Cossa (Mozambique)

Cláudia Mendes Silva (Women-In-Tech, Portugal)

João Pedro Martins (Youth Portugal)

Ariane Ferro (Youth Brazil)


  • 10h30  Coffee break


  • 11h00  PANEL 5 – Launch of the initiative for a “Small Lusophone Internet Almanac”

Everton Rodrigues (Brazil)

Andreia Brito (Portugal)

Sérgio Cossa (Mozambique)


  • 12h30  Lunch


  • 14h00 PANEL 6 – A Lusophone agenda for the future of Digital Cooperation at an international level: Global Digital Compact and WSIS+20.

Ana Neves (Portugal)

Marielza Oliveira (Unesco)

Deolindo Costa (São Tomé e Príncipe)

Marcelo Martinez (Brazil)

Eugenio Macumbe (Mozambique)

Renata Mielli (Brazil)

Veridiana Alimonti (Brazil)

Lucenildo Júnior (Angola Cables)


  • 16h00  Coffee break


  • 16h30  Cooperation and creation of the Lusophone FGI Secretariat


  • 18h00      Closing ceremony

Heber Maia (Brazil)

Rafael Evangelista (Brazil)

Marta Dias (Portugal)

Lourino Chemane (Mozambique)

Leonilde Santos (Cape Verde)

and guests